Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Still thinking what to post on my very 1st post on my very 1st blog.. Let's talk about what I bake recently..!!

I always love to try something new especially in baking. I think I'm a weird person cause when I was on diet I love to watch cooking show or cooking channel...hahaha.. I don't know is there anyone like me so abnormal I guess.. ><!! so it begin with a big jar of NUTELLA..!! yes NUTELLA...!! I mean who does't like nutella right?! o.O?  Anywhere my brother Willy brought a big jar of nutella from a supermarket and my mum was like: what..?! so big jar you want eat until when?!.. so I jump out and volunteer to do something on it. I quickly search recipe from the internet, and then it just pop out NO BAKE NUTELLA CHEESE CAKE..!!! That's it..!! cheese cake and even no need to bake..!! I brought all the ingredient and start MAKE..!! Because it is a no bake cake so it needed a day to let the cheese cake to set in the fridge but we are so excited to try it.. To the next day, I just can't wait to taste my yummlicious nutella cheese cake so I slice a pcs of it and OMG..!! It taste definitely HEAVEN..!!! ^^ It was sooo smooth n silky, my mum say it was a nutella ice cream cake..haha.. but anywhere i din't take many picture of it but here is some.. I will remembered to take picture when I have the change to make next time..!! I hope you enjoy..!! xoxo


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